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Why Choose Zurich Takaful Protection Plan?

Zurich Malaysia created Protection Takaful plans aimed to safeguard you, your family, your assets, or your business. Despite taking precautions, life-threatening accidents, permanent disabilities, or chronic ailments can occur any time and impact you and your loved ones’ lives severely and financially.

A wide portfolio of Shariah-compliant protection takaful products such as Medical Takaful, Family Takaful , Accident Takaful, Motor Takaful, etc. can be considered for your use. You can subscribe to them and even include additional benefits as per your requirements. With these plans, which require minimal contribution (tabarru), you can protect everything you care for, including yourself.

Safeguard all that you truly care about with Zurich Takaful Protection


Health and Medical Takaful

Medical takaful for you and your family that provides health benefits including cancercare

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Family Takaful

It includes hassle-free family takaful for you and the ones you care abaut. Our diverse list of plans, such as term Takaful 80, Takaful Family Hero, etc

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Takaful Investment For Your Future.

Protect you family and yourself from mishaps with our Accidental takaful protection plans

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Houseowner Property Takaful

Protect your most valued properties

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Motor Takaful

Motor Takaful Coverage for you and your vehicle

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