Takaful Savings Plan

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Why Choose Zurich Takaful Savings Plan?

Zurich Takaful savings plans are designed to let you save more by contributing (tabarru) a nominal amount. The plans apart from letting you enhance your savings, ensure that you receive financial protection too. So, you and your family won’t have to endure financial hardships if you have to face an unfavorable situation. These Shariah-compliant plans also let you earn rewards such as Annual cash payouts and maturity benefits.

Savings Plan - Making the right and smart decision to save for your future

At Zurich Takaful, our passion is to help you get the best protection that you can while also being able to save for your future. Be it your family or yourself, we have the perfect plan for you.

You can opt for takaful savings plans as per your requirements. These plans are curated carefully so that you can increase your savings and enjoy the protection coverage by contributing minimum funds per month. Now, if you are specifically looking to contribute to a short-term plan, then you can select the Takaful Mumtaz plan as it provides 16 years of coverage with only 8 years of contribution. You can even check out the Executive20 takaful saving plan to earn Annual cash payouts and more.

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Takaful Savings Plan For My Future

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