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Takaful provides financial protection upon an unfortunate circumstance. We are committed to help you preserve your present assets and prepare for your future, enabling you to shield your loved ones and safeguard the invaluable aspects of life.

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Top Family Takaful products

The spike in healthcare and livelihood costs in Malaysia, accessing the benefits of private hospitalization or even higher education can become challenging for many Malaysians in the long run

Top General Takaful Products

With the Zurich general takaful Malaysia plan, you can protect your business against fire, burglary, natural disasters, accidents, etc. It offers beneficial coverage options to ensure the security of your business and your employees

Takaful For Protection

Zurich Malaysia created Protection Takaful plans aimed to safeguard you, your family, your assets, or your business

Takaful For Investment

At Zurich Takaful, helping you reach your financial goals is our passion. With our diverse range of Shariah-compliant financial solutions tailored to meet your needs, you can invest in your future and that of your loved ones with confidence

Takaful For Savings

At Zurich Takaful, our passion is to help you get the best protection that you can while also being able to save for your future. Be it your family or yourself, we have the perfect plan for you

Takaful For Business

Zurich takaful understands the need to secure your business, assents and employees. takaful plans for your business are full

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