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Importance of Takaful Family Coverage

The spike in healthcare and livelihood costs in Malaysia, accessing the benefits of private hospitalization or even higher education can become challenging for many Malaysians in the long run. To ensure that you have all the financial support that you need to access proper healthcare, education, retirement, and even coverage for Hajj and Umrah, and more, you must opt for making contributions to family takaful funds. The Shariah ideals driving takaful to ensure the overall financial security of all the participants in the funds as well as their families, property, and businesses.

Why Choose Zurich Family Takaful Products

Zurich Malaysia has designed an extensive range of Shariah-compliant family takaful products for you to choose from, whichever stage of life you are at. From investment-linked family products that let you enjoy the ideal combination of family care privileges and better savings to products that allow you to fulfill your spiritual objectives without worrying about your family ‘s finances if anything unfortunate happens to you, our plans are designed to ensure a better future for you and your family. We also offer plans that provide coverage for total permanent disability and golden age disability. You can choose to include additional add-on options too and design a plan that meets your needs the most.

Zurich Family Takaful - Protecting you and those you truly love

When your future is financially secure, you enjoy peace of mind. Whether you have just gotten married, started a family or purchased a new home, we have you covered.

For Your Life

image_hero_banner_Takaful Al-Shams

Takaful Al-Shams

Protect your family for your peace of mind

image_hero_banner_Takaful ProEssential

Takaful ProEssential

Secure the future of you and your loved ones

Image_hero_banner_Takaful Term 80

Takaful Term 80

Affordable Term Takaful to Protect the future of you and your loved ones

For Your Savings and Investment

image_hero_banner_Takaful ProInvest

Takaful ProInvest

Building Valuable Assets

image_hero_banner_Takaful Mumtaz

Takaful Mumtaz

A limited contribution protection and savings plan



Enjoy life to the fullest with guaranteed benefits

For Your Health

image_hero banner_MediAfya


Health and wellbeing hand in hand



Enjoy life with our comprehensive medical coverage



Protect yourself against the rising cost of cancer treatment

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